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Acrylic Work

Partner with us to experience our specialisation in Acrylic work


Our experience as a trusted partner to brands and organizations encourages us to provide high quality Acrylic work. Our creative craftsmen specialise in creating custom made Acrylics that would suit your needs. We work with our customers to create simple or ambitious pieces to the highest standards. Through our discrete range of projects we captured the in-depth analysis on user perception which helps us to deliver a replica of customer needs. We come up with simple yet impressive solutions for small to complex requirements.


These acrylic sheets we use are specially formulated for turning with excellent working properties. They are available in a variety of rich, shining, translucent colors. Acrylic looks truly spectacular and is easily turned and can be buffed and polished to a glass like finish.


We have the experience and craftsmen in house to produce unique solutions that meet or exceed the most stringent specifications. We provide the technical and tooling support you need to take your project from a concept idea right through to production.

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